Welcome to 2015's A–Z Challenge. This year I'm taking you on a tour of one of my favourite cities!

Friday, 17 April 2015

O – Oculus

Inside the Pantheon
The Pantheon is another location that features in Angels and Demons. I’ve been lucky enough to visit this temple more than once. Most recently the circular building was almost empty and it was possible to walk around, leisurely taking in its splendour.

Guidebooks list its many attributes, the number of columns, the circumference of the oculus – all worth noting – but you have to take a moment just to enjoy looking at the building.

Many photos appear in books of a shaft of light, searing through the oculus in the domed roof. I count myself lucky that I have witnessed it. 

I’ve had many special moments in Rome, visiting the Pantheon is one of them.


  1. That is cool with the light. It has to be significant to the time of day an all that. You are lucky to have seen this

  2. That shaft of light looks almost solid - lovely.

  3. The Pantheon is one of my favourite spots in Rome. I envy your opportunity to enjoy it without the crowds.

    Faye at Destination: Fiction

  4. You've sold me on this one. The only other opening in a roof that i've seen is in the Hippodrome in Bristol - it's quite a large, pretty theatre, and the roof opens up in a circle to allow the heat to leave, if it's a hot day. i've only ever seen it done once - and the light did not enter in a powerful shaft1