Welcome to 2015's A–Z Challenge. This year I'm taking you on a tour of one of my favourite cities!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

M – Maximus

Arco di Constantino 
So much of what tourists must see in Rome is in a relatively small area, certainly accessible on foot.

Near the Forum is Circo Massimo (Circus Maximus). Today it looks like a very large school playing field. It’s actually 650 metres in length.

The arena was used for a variety of events and during the time of Trajan it seated 150,000 spectators (some sources quote figures of up to 250,000).

A lack of archaeology at this site has allowed it to be used for modern day rallies and concerts. In 2014 the Rolling Stones used it for one of their venues. Rome is synonymous with ancient relics.

Sadly I don’t have a photograph of this large expanse of grass, so I’m including one of the Arco di Constantino (Arch of Constantine) – just a stroll away. It might look familiar, London’s Marble Arch (designed by John Nash) was modelled on it.


  1. To think gladiators and others worked their craft on this site. just a wealth of history

  2. What a gorgeous theme! I'm so glad I found your blog (amateur art historian here) and I'll be back for more. Oh, and the bit about the Stones and relics actually made me spit out my tea :)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  3. In a way it's nice that one piece of history is still being used, even by pop groups. MAximus on your blog - Massimiliano on mine - these Italians get everywhere!