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Monday, 13 April 2015

K – Keys

The key to true love?
There are many bridges that span the Tiber, but if you want to visit its island it’s likely you’ll use Pont Crestio

When I was last in Rome the bases of the lampposts on the bridge were adorned with mini padlocks. Each bore the initials of couples, lovers who announced their commitment by securing it to the bridge. This seems a popular pastime in Europe, other bridges bearing similar declarations have been stripped of their tokens – before the heavy burden of acknowledging passion became too great. Presumably the couples kept the keys to their respective locks.

It was to this island on the Tiber that Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon would parachute to safety – but only in the novel. In the film it was only the Camerlengo (Chamberlain) who floated to earth as a demonic angel, captivating the crowds in St Peter’s Square.

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  1. I have heard other countries doing this as well. It is pretty romantic