Welcome to 2015's A–Z Challenge. This year I'm taking you on a tour of one of my favourite cities!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

B – Basilica

The Basilica di San Pietro
There’s much to see in the Basilica di San Pietro, and for a photographer – even an amateur like me – it’s a fascinating location.

The great height of the domes allows light to flood through the many windows – shafts cut through, drawing the eye upwards. Capturing those beams is almost too easy – the difficulty is in choosing which ones to photograph.

With all the beautiful painting and sculpture on display, why – you might wonder – did I focus on the light? I suspect that I was a victim of the domes’ architect (Michelangelo). Crepuscular rays – or God rays – are atmospheric optics that occur naturally as rays stream through gaps in clouds. Michelangelo had created the conditions to allow them to appear inside. Nothing here was built by chance – it’s all part of a great architectural plan.


  1. It looks so majestic. I imagine it is one of those places that photos can't do it justice. Maybe one day I'll get there...

  2. The place looks quite surreal. Fabulous colours make the picture look as if it is on a page out of an ancient book. I love sun rays, especially when they're streaming through clouds and I am observing from a high point.

  3. oh so beautiful! no wonder they use Rome in flims so much - prominent and historic, demanding attention! i will have to come back - i want to visit, but who knows when that will be so i can view viacriously through you! thanks!
    happy b day!

  4. And it was all built without the aid of computer generated designs to make sure it worked first. Lovely.

  5. Wonderful theme! I love Rome - looking forward to reliving my travels there through your A to Z posts! Cheers - Ellen

  6. St Peter's such a treasure trove of art and design. Truly magnificent.


  7. Beautiful! - I just found your blog while looking for other a-z challenge bloggers! I am going to follow this for sure. I went to Italy in 2000 for my honeymoon and have been to both locations that you wrote about so far. I am an amateur photographer, but when we went, it was film cameras and I wasn't very good. I am dying to get back! Your photos are wonderful! Look forward to stopping back.

  8. I can't even begin to imagine how someone would design all of this :) Which is probably why I an not Michelangelo. I loved the basilica though, and I really enjoyed that we got to go up in the dome :)

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  9. Michelangelo knew what he was doing. Great photo!

  10. Great picture. I'm going to enjoy seeing your pictures throughout the challenge this month. If you have time you might stop by and check out my B post.

  11. It's been 5 decades since I visited Rome. I'm going to love revisiting it through your blogs and picturess.

  12. I've never been to Rome, but I see St. Peter's every Christmas Eve, and I can just imagine how beautiful it must be when you're standing in the basilica.

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